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Sailing Whitsundays

Sailing Whitsundays - Whitsundays sailing adventures in the Whitsundays and Airlie Beach. We offer day and overnight Whitsunday sailing and diving adventures amongst the 74 islands of the Whitsundays, Queensland, Australia. Sailing Whitsundays is original, updated daily and advertised prices will be honored. Call and ask about current discounts. Sailing-Whitsundays is a fully licensed Australian Travel Agent - TAC no. 3178713. Our Office is located in the Main street of Airlie Beach. We are here to help you both before and after your trip around the Whitsunday islands.

This tropical region is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Australia and for good reason. With endless stretches of sand, crystal clear seas and a perfect climate all year round, locations such as Airlie Beach and Hamilton Island are certainly paradise on earth. Of course, one of the best methods of exploring this region is to hire a boat, which is where we come in. We offer a range of Whitsundays cruises as well as simple boat charter so that you can go sailing around the islands. Whether you opt for one of our crewed vessels or a bareboat package, you will be pleasantly surprised by what the area will hold in store for you. Of course, if you do decide on staff for your hired boat, you will have more time to enjoy other activities such as scuba diving while the crew does the hard work of navigating and cooking for you and whoever else is travelling with you. This is one of the best ways to experience this sun-drenched group of islands, especially since our staff also act as tour guides and can direct you to the best beaches, hiking trails and dive spots in the region. For sailing holidays and boat charter, our Whitsundays cruises are some of the best in the industry and will provide you with a holiday that you certainly will not soon forget. Have a look over our site for more information on how to explore the area stylishly and conveniently.

Island Guides and Holiday Packages

We also offer you a myriad of other information about the Whitsundays right here on our website. From where to go to experience the most colourful coral reefs to where to stay while you are there, we can offer you everything that you need to know to plan out the perfect holiday before you even set foot out of your front door. Once you have arranged everything, all that you will need to do is step aboard your cruiser and then chart a course to your chosen destinations. Whether these are dive spots, isolated beaches, or island viewpoints is entirely up to you. We can also connect you up with other businesses in the area such as diving schools and beachside resorts. Our Whitsundays cruises consist of so much more than sailing and boat charter. They encompass all that there is to do in the region as we feel that visitors should be given the opportunity to experience all that these tropical islands can offer. If this sounds like the perfect holiday, have a look through our website for more details. To make your preparations go past even easier, we also host a great many vacation packages including accommodation, boat rental and other activities such as snorkelling and island tours. By booking one of these packages, you will ensure that everything will be taken care of for you while you are exploring the area. This is certainly a convenient way to arrange one of the best times of your life.

Couples Cruising Cheap Backpacker Trips
Sailing Whitsundays TOP SELLERS:
Adventurer 2 Day, 2 Night
Foredeck Hot Spa
SUP Boards, Kayak
And On-Board Spa!
NOW $429
Anaconda III 3 Day, 3 Night
FROM $499
Powerplay 2 Day, 2 Night
Large Heated Deck Jacuzzi, fast cruising Offering SUP boards
NOW $429
Iceberg 2 Day, 1 Night
Shorts & sweet
Great If Your Short On Time.
NOW $355
Whitsunday Blue 2 Day, 2 Night
This luxury vessel
is perfect for couples!
NOW $599
Whitsunday Getaway 2 Day, 2 Night
Deluxe Catamaran
Perfect For Couples!
Filter By Departure Day:
Any Day
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Sailing Whitsundays favourite trips with PRIVATE cabins:
Prima 2 Day, 2 Night
Best value private cabin in the Whitsundays!
NOW $375
Waltzing Matilda 2 Day, 1 Night
Two day one night will still show you all the highlights
Blizzard 2 Day, 2 Night
Offering Comfort &
Great Crew!
NOW $445
On Ice 2 Day, 2 Night
Exciting Sailing Catamaran With
Latest Water Toys!
NOW $445
Solway Lass 3 Day, 3 Night
Whitsundays Only
Overnight Tallship Adventure
NOW $495
Whitsunday Getaway 3 Day, 3 Night
Fully Air Conditioned Queen Cabins
NOW $735
Backpacker favourites low cost Sailing 18-35s:
Habibi 2 Day, 2 Night
Whitsundays Best Value Overnight
Sailing Vessel!
NOW $295
Siska 2 Day, 1 Night
Adventure Sailing
Great Value For Money!
NOW $315
Ragamuffin 3 Day, 2 Night
Action packed Experience On An
Admirals Cup Racer
NOW $445
Tongarra 2 Day, 2 Night
Great Value For Money!
Perfect for 18-30s
NOW $349
SV Whitehaven 2 Day, 1 Night
On-Board Kayaks
Whitehaven Beach
Eco Accredited Safari
Ask us about package deals!
Boomerang 2 Day, 2 Night
Perfect for Thrill-Seekers
And avid sailors!
NOW $375
Sailing Whitsunday favorite with ONBOARD DIVING:
Kiana 3 Day, 2 Night
Dive the Outer
Great Barrier Reef
Perfect for divers
Samurai 3 Day, 2 Night
Fun And Sociable Trip
Only 20 guests + FREE SCUBA DIVE!!!
NOW $380
New Horizon 2 Day, 2 Night
SUP Boards
Scuba Diving
NOW $380
Apollo 3 Day, 2 Night
Won every race on the East Coast.
NOW $450
Summertime 3 Day, 2 Night
Scuba Diving, Kayaks
Plus a Heated Spa
Great Reviews!
Atlantic Clipper 2 Day, 2 Night
It is all about having
a Great Time
NEW Water Slide!
NOW $460
Sailing Whitsundays favorite DAY TRIPS:
Big Fury Fastest and cheapest way to see the Whitehaven Beach Buffet lunch included ONLY $115 travel until March 31
Whitehaven Xpress 3 Locations, 1 Day!
Visit Mantaray Bay
And both lookouts
ONLY $175
Great Barrier Reef Adventure Visit The Worlds
Most Famous Reef
Snorkel & Dive
Lunch Included
FROM $165
Mantaray Charters Whitsundays best Snorkel And Dive Sites And Whitehaven Beach! ONLY $165
Fly N Cruise Package Full Day Whitehaven And Snorkeling And 1 Hour Flight Over The Great Barrier Reef!! FROM $289
Whitehaven Heli Tours The best view
in town! Fly and spend time on Whitehaven
FROM $249
Ask on our CHATLINE for the best deal:
Broomstick 2 Day, 2 Night
Speed is the aim of the game
on Broomstick!
NOW $375
Silent Night 2 Day, 2 Night
Participate In Real
Action Sailing
Only 12 Passengers
Ise Pearl 3 Day, 2 Night
Unique adventure
NOW $450
Condor 2 Day, 2 Night
Hands On Sailing
Ideal For 18 to 35s
NOW $375
Hammer 2 Day, 1 Night
Perfect Option For a Fast and fun Maxi Yacht tour!
NOW $315
Eureka II 3 Day, 2 Night
Fast Fun Comfort & Style On A Very Modern Boat
NOW $445
Sailing Whitsundays favorite DAY SAILING trips:
Camira Fast Access On A
New Custom Built
Sailing Catamaran
Visits Whitehaven
Open Bar
FROM $145
Derwent Hunter Relaxing Day Trip To Langford Reef On A True Tallship Eco Adventure.
Includes Lunch
FROM $139
Southern Cross Hands on sailing
Great fun for all ages Visit Whitehaven Beach and snorkel
Lunch Included
ONLY $169
Illusions Budget friendly!
Snorkel And Dive
on-board a lovely
catamaran! Lunch Included!
SV Domino Intimate Day Sailing To Langford Reef Includes A Sumptuous Lunch On-Board ONLY $180
Pride of Airlie 3 Day, 2 Night
Accom On A Tropical Island
+ A Sailing Adventure
NOW $345
Sailing Whitsundays Exlusive PACKAGES:
Sail and Stay in Style Package 2d/2n on Whitsunday Blue
2 nights on Hamilton Island
Return ferry transfers
ONLY $945
Perfect Highlights Package Ocean Rafting
Heart Reef Scenic Flight
1/2 day sea kayaking
4.5 star accommodation!
ONLY $745
East Coast On A Shoestring 2d/2n Fun Sailing Tour
3d/2n 4x4 Fraser Tour
4 nights accom
Value For Money!
Whitsunday Divers Delight Package 2d/2n on Powerplay dive adventure
4 Intro/Cert Scuba Dives
2 nights at Base
ONLY $655
Heart of the Whitsundays Package 2d/2n on On Ice
Heart Reef Flight
4.5 star accommodation! Perfect for couples
ONLY $955
Other great Whitsunday activities to do in Airlie Beach:
Heart Reef Scenic Flight 1 Hour Scenic Flight
Heart Reef, Whitehaven, Hill Inlet
ONLY $199
Skydiving Experience The Whitsunday
Islands From A Birds Eye View!
FROM $199
Crocodile Safari One Of The Best Places
In Australia To See
Crocs In The Wild!
ONLY $120
Sea Kayaking Get Up Close And Personal With Turtles And Whitsundays Marine Life! FROM $80
Jet Ski Tours Daydream Island
Lunch Included
FROM $190pp
Whitsunday Fishing Charters Top Fishing Tours
Quality Equipment
Half Day Charters
FROM $99
Sorted By:
Derwent Hunter Day Trip From: $179
Max. 39 Guests
1 day
Skydive Airlie Beach From: $199
Max. Guests
Southern Cross From: $445
Max. 14 Guests
3 days
2 nights
Ragamuffin II From: $445
Max. 13 Guests
3 days
2 nights
Big Fury From: $115
Max. 30 Guests
1 day
Kiana From: $719
Max. 14 Guests
3 days
2 nights
GSL Scenic Flight to Heart Reef From: $199
Max. 8 Guests
1 day
Ise Pearl From: $450
Max. 8 Guests
3 days
2 nights
Apollo From: $450
Max. 26 Guests
3 days
2 nights
Summertime From: $619
Max. 16 Guests
3 days
2 nights
Samurai From: $380
Max. 20 Guests
3 days
2 nights
Crocodile Safari From: $120
Max. Guests
1 day
Eureka II From: $445
Max. 14 Guests
3 days
2 nights
Heart Of The Whitsundays Package From: $1100
Max. 10 Guests
2 days
2 nights
Whitsunday Adventurer From: $429
Max. 12 Guests
2 days
2 nights
East Coast on a Shoestring From: $779
Max. Guests
5 days
8 nights
Perfect Highlights Package From: $745
Max. Guests
3 days
3 nights
Whitsundays Divers Delight From: $655
Max. Guests
4 days
4 nights
Pride of Airlie From: $345
Max. 50 Guests
3 days
2 nights
Powerplay From: $429
Max. 18 Guests
2 days
2 nights
Whitsunday Blue 2 day/2 night From: $599
Max. 8 Guests
2 days
2 nights
Whitsunday Getaway 2 day/2 night From: $735
Max. 8 Guests
2 days
2 nights
Waltzing Matilda From: $380
Max. 14 Guests
2 days
1 night
Silent Night From: $480
Max. 12 Guests
2 days
2 nights
On Ice From: $445
Max. 10 Guests
2 days
2 nights
Solway Lass From: $495
Max. 32 Guests
3 days
3 nights
Whitehaven Xpress From: $175
Max. 47 Guests
Prima From: $375
Max. 12 Guests
2 days
2 nights
Whitsunday Getaway 3 day/3 night From: $895
Max. 8 Guests
3 days
3 nights
Siska From: $315
Max. 22 Guests
2 days
1 night
Tongarra From: $349
Max. 23 Guests
2 days
2 nights
New Horizon From: $380
Max. 32 Guests
2 days
2 nights
Illusions From: $95
Max. 25 Guests
1 day
Broomstick From: $375
Max. 25 Guests
2 days
2 nights
Condor From: $375
Max. 29 Guests
2 days
2 nights
SV Whitehaven 2 day/1 night From: $380
Max. 24 Guests
2 days
1 night
Sea Kayaking From: $80
Max. Guests
Whitsunday Jetski Tours From: $220
Max. Guests
Blizzard From: $445
Max. 10 Guests
2 days
2 nights
Anaconda III From: $499
Max. 32 Guests
3 days
3 nights
Whitsunday Fishing Charters From: $99
Max. Guests
CW Reefworld From: $225
Max. Guests
1 day
Boomerang From: $375
Max. 28 Guests
2 days
2 nights
Hammer From: $315
Max. 21 Guests
2 days
1 night
Iceberg From: $355
Max. 12 Guests
2 days
1 night
Habibi From: $295
Max. 29 Guests
2 days
2 nights
Atlantic Clipper From: $460
Max. 53 Guests
2 days
2 nights
GSL Aviation Fly n Cruise Package Two - Southern Lights From: $319
Max. Guests
1 day
Whitehaven Heli Tours From: $349
Max. Guests
Mantaray From: $165
Max. 36 Guests
1 day
SV Domino From: $180
Max. Guests
1 day
Sail and Stay in Style From: $945
Max. 8 Guests
4 days
4 nights
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Mar 2015
Familys push to promote Whitsundays to the world
A FAMILY of tenacious local sailors are continuing with their mission to promote dinghy sailing in the Whitsundays and spread the word to the wider sailing world.
Feb 2015
Whitehaven Beach is still the best
WORLD-FAMOUS Whitehaven Beach has once again taken the top gongs for best beach in both Australia and the South Pacific in the 2015 TripAdvisor Travellers Choice Awards.
Feb 2015
Chinese New Year set to go off with a bang in Airlie Beach
FIREWORKS, firecrackers and lion dancers - Airlie Beach is set for a treat this weekend as the region celebrates Chinese New Year.
Feb 2015
Whitsundays Heart Reef celebrates 40th anniversary
HEART Reef, in the Great Barrier Reef of the Whitsundays, is a stunning composition of coral that has naturally formed into the shape of a heart.

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